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Arsenal v Chelsea (PL) Sun 22nd Aug 2021 16:30 GMT


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1 minute ago, Bob stark said:

When you have midfield problem all you need is a bit of  Kante and suddenly all problem are solved 

Indeedy. When he stops playing and has more time I'm certain he will bring about world peace and solve the climate change problem. 

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2 minutes ago, ducavis said:

Very underrated 

I don't think he is. I think people have seen his game go up a level in recent times........well, most people at least. Danny Mills said on Talksport a few weeks ago that Ben White was better than him 😆

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Great result. Very comfortable. Some great performances. Good start for Lukaku. Passing and movement was very good. Always nice to beat Woolwich Arsenal. Looking forward to winding-up my brother-in-law. 

An old joke: What's the difference between Arsenal and a triangle? A triangle has three points.

Beer was good. Now for the whisky and red wine.

Rangers won as well so a very good day.

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1 hour ago, The Brit said:

I’m nervous. Not cos Arsenal are any good but they have signed a deal with the devil to beat us lately.

Even the devil couldn’t help the arse this time. Lucky we played at 50% and missed lots of good opportunities. Should have been thrashed.

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Nice to be top of the table yet really should have been more, Mount poor decision making in front of goal except one great assist for Lukaku who hit the underside of the bar. Long time since one of our attackers has attacked the ball like that in the air, perhaps last time it was Morata.

Havertz should have scored late on from Lukaku's pass, normally buries those.

Ziyech might have done better too with the few minutes he had.

Still 2-0 against this north London prima donnas will do nicely. 

Nice to see the fans cheer Lukaku.


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London is blue !

I liked the way our team played and looked on the pitch. We had few chances to score the 3rd and kill them until the end.

We're very confident, and Lukaku is giving us more power, more aggression and more ways to play our offensive football. He was involved in our both goals, Arsenal defense couldn't play against him.


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Very competent win, dominant at times being picky it should have been more

Victory built from the back Christensen and Azpi immense, snuffed out any danger

Having a man who can hold the ball up front brings the best out of the rest of our attackers, teams will now think twice about parking the bus

Important goal for Rom, getting off the mark immediately takes the pressure off

Reece had a good game but needs to make better decisions when in good positions

Mason another energetic performance, this year we also require goals from him

I like the yellow trim on our kit



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