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Callum Hudson-Odoi

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4 minutes ago, PloKoon13 said:

I've recently been watching our games on a stream with a very enthusiastic commentator who speaks Arabic - his version is "Odoiiiiiiiiiiiiyoyoyoy".

He (bless him) does have a good crack at pronouncing 'Azpilicueta'.

Better than listening to some of the waffle we get with actual English speakers 

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8 minutes ago, brownindian said:

what kind of price are they willing to pay ? They are not the most generous in terms of transfer money. 

Surely has to be at least double the £35m we turned down when his contract was expiring. 

Cant see why would sanction any deal, that Bayern would realistically make. 

He has huge potential, we dont have a lot of natural wingers in the squad, and there are only 2 days left to replace him.

I would find it very strange after we fought so hard to get him to sign a new deal, only to let him leave less than 12 months later. A loan to somewhere to develop maybe wouldnt be the worst idea, but not to germany and especially not to Bayern, where we could find ourselves pressured into selling like we were with Courtois. 



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10 minutes ago, Deino said:

He has the skill but he has the "Hazard Syndrome" of trying to play around with the first defender, slowing the game down and allowing the Palace defence to get into formation. Pity he doesn't have the spatial awareness for it.

I agree, he's a great talent but he still needs to learn to keep things more simple, he often overcomplicates things. Even so he clearly does it because he has confidence in his own abilities which in itself is a good thing, but he does need more playtime.

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13 minutes ago, JM7 said:

As per @draper_rob, Chelsea have rejected an offer from Bayern Munich for Callum Hudson-Odoi. Initial loan plus £70m in 2021. @GoalNews #CFC #CHECRY

Take the money and run I think...

Out of principal we shouldn't sell CHO.

Did we really spoil their plans of their monopoly in Bundesliga by signing Kai and Timo?

We need CHO more than Bayern anyway.

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