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Chelsea v Man City (CL Final) 29/05/21 KO 20:00 BST


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2 hours ago, sonic90 said:

I was really wearing the fear goggles yesterday, the reality was they f**ked themselves into being less competitive. Really wtf was Pep thinking? I can't believe he tinkered, I read that he played the same kind of formation in the last 60 games but tried something drastically different in the final. Mad man.

I think the fact we had beaten them twice so recently had something to do with that. He must have believed they could over run  us. But he forgot we have Kante. 

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1 hour ago, dR3 said:



I was watching a stream for the match and saw RA's young son jumping and up and down with excitement, the hair reminded me a bit of Jorginho's hair a short while back.

Sure there's nothing in it and RA hugged his son to calm him down.

Did someone else say the other chap on the right is RA's son too?

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37 minutes ago, Strider6003 said:

I was watching a stream for the match and saw RA's young son jumping and up and down with excitement, the hair reminded me a bit of Jorginho's hair a short while back.

Sure there's nothing in it and RA hugged his son to calm him down.

Did someone else say the other chap on the right is RA's son too?

Yeah, that's his other son. I remember him crying when we beat Bayern in 2012.

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I had a look on a general football forum to see how others viewed it and found this one with a few amusing comments:

Arsenal blogger: 

Willian loses an FA Cup final with Chelsea against Arsenal, he then moves to Arsenal, who win f**k all, and Chelsea win the UCL

Should have taken the two year deal, son.



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4 hours ago, charierre said:

Hard to believe that we are European Champions. Yesterday at this time to be honest I didn't have any nerves for the match, went to Blackpool, stroll down the prom and back in time for the kickoff. once we scored the nerves really kicked in big time and whilst enjoying the match the butterflies had kicked in. 

Finals are won by small margins on the whole. TT got his selections and tactics spot on. Pep possibly more worried than he had shown, out thought himself with his weird team selection.

To a man everyone did their job on the pitch. The defenders get the plaudits though we defended as a team from the front.

Timo couldn't hit a cows a*se with a banjo, his runs though created panic in City's defence

Our wingbacks won their personal battles, pushing City into an already congested middle

Kante again had a fine game, he is one of those players we will appreciate even more when he eventually leaves/retires

We all wanted academy players in the first team, they are there on merit. Great credit should go to Neil Bath and his team

In 2012 we enjoyed the win, it had been a long time coming but always had a hint of luck with it. This title was won on merit. We performed in the group stages when it mattered, dominated the knockout stage games and won as the better team on the night in the final.

Summed up perfectly!

Funny enough I was similar, I didn't really watch much build up to it and felt relatively calm about the whole thing.

When the team news was released I paid more attention but even then I just wanted 100% effort from each player and then what will be will be.

All in all last night was special because like you said we thoroughly deserved it, with academy players and no penalties needed.

Last night was a very satisfying yet epic win as we put on a champions performance that the whole world witnessed.

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14 hours ago, Spiller86 said:

I think it certainly showed that this team had more in the tank. What is funny I think is that Tuchel's back 3 has transformed us, but Frank used it regularly last season but didn't want to this year even when we leaked goals.

Tuchel deserves a lot of credit for tightening our defence. Under Frank we were very naive with the ball, as much as it isn't as good to watch, Tuchel has given us confidence again. Werner etc continued to miss easy goals but because we weren't conceding it had less impact.

Both can be proud of the result tonight having played a part. 

Agree with that but see when people say we aren’t good to watch I totally disagree, the way we move the ball in triangles and play out of tight areas, and especially the turnover of play in midfield I think it’s lovely to watch. 

my mate who played semi pro and is a united fan unfortunately said to me yesterday that Chelsea are lovely to watch now under tuchel, it depends if you appreciate tactical football and movement off the ball or if you like to watch show real football, I’ve always appreciated the former. 

I was truly bored during games under frank but I don’t feel that way at all under tuchel if we control the tempo of the game for me it’s enjoyable 

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16 hours ago, Backbiter said:

It's been a pleasure reading through the thread after such an epic night. Thanks for all the superb photos and clips.

Somebody put on here a pic of Europe and it was just a blue screen. I'd like to use it but can't find it. If anyone knows the page please let me know. Thanks

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Posted (edited)
3 hours ago, Munkworth said:

For @Malta Blue to look at while he cries himself to sleep every night. 

Nah I'm good, you was also very nice to me last night, websites maybe deleted but I will always have the memories of the night that you reacted to multiple comments.

I will live with the fact that I'm not your favourite but very, very deep down I know you dont totally hate me....that's enough for me sweetie 

Edited by Malta Blue
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