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Chelsea v Man City (CL Final) 29/05/21 KO 20:00 BST


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2 hours ago, Eight Times said:

Not sure if any of you like to have a browse and a laugh on the Spurs forum, but look at this comment! I am in absolute disbelief!  🤣


"f**k off City you f**king small club bottlejobs"



Can’t believe you made me click on that link 😂........ to be fair there are some good comments too 

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10 minutes ago, andy said:

Can’t believe you made me click on that link 😂........ to be fair there are some good comments too 

Some genuinely vile people on there.  I know there's a rivalry and all that, but I could never wish anything bad on Spurs fans or anything like that. This place is a lot more welcoming than most rival forums I find.

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What a day, a BBQ and a few beers and plenty of sneaking off to catch up on snippets of last night's match.

The drone light show looked fantastic, Tuchel with his kids and talking about his wife and family gave me a lump in my throat. Dave with Havertz, another lump in my throat, Rudiger falling to his knees throwing his hands to heaven while everyone was celebrating, I can go on but this club, this family have made me very very happy.

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Some 24 hours later and I'm still buzzing and trying to drink off my hangover from last night. I've been a supporter since I was 8 years old ( now 66 ) and went to games home and away until my health and finanances made it impossible. I've seen the best of times, and the worst of times following Chelsea but last night was was right up there with one of the best I've ever seen.

It was an outstanding team performance from start to finish and Thomas Tuchel deserves a lot of credit for turning this season around. Frank laid the foundations of this team, He'll be back one day I'm sure.


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Watched the full game again.This was a masterclass by every Chelsea player and tactical genius by the manager(or did he get lucky?).

We have been sublime in this tournament,where in gods name did this form come from?.

We have looked average in the epl, but a completely different team in the champions league.The one thing I do know is,this is a young team that is playing for the manager and can only get better.

Another mention to the referee, he was superb    ...balanced, unbiased and emotional about the occasion.Contrast that to bunch of half wits we have in the EPL.



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Still can't believe it. Just like in 2012 I've been watching re runs, 10 different TV channels broadcast and just trying to let it sink in that we are Champions of Europe again. There is no better feeling then this. Just had to pop in and say hello. Been awhile and I do miss this place think I might have to visit more often. 


Hope you all are well and what a way to start the summer.

@BlueBeard miss the good old match day chats with you pal. Been years but I hope you are well and enjoyed this as much as me. 

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Posted (edited)
5 hours ago, sonic90 said:

They prepared so many substories to City's win, Aguero's final game, Pep finally winning without Messi, CIty's first ever CL title etc. we shat all over their hard work.

Oh Dear How Sad Never Mind GIF - OhDearHowSad NeverMind BatterySergeantMajorWilliams GIFs
Indeed we did.        News has of us beating the media favourites has just reached the Sgt Major.😀


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On 29/05/2021 at 19:49, Bob stark said:

I didn't bother to post anything here after the game. It was celebration time. Congrats to the team.

Tuchel plan work to perfection but of course I have to give prop to our defense, we gave city nothing.

I don't remember Mendy had to make any save but his ability to catch cross help us big time. 

Chilwell absolutely nullified mahrez.James coped very2 well against Sterling. 

Azpi was brilliant once again. The so called he is not captain material is absolutely bs. Silva was his brilliant self and huge shutout to chris as he replaced silva brilliantly. Rudi was a rockw. He was literally a rock,you can ask kdb about it. 

Jorginho distributed the ball very well. And now Kante, my MOTM and our one true wc player. I really don't have to say much. He destroyed kdb, won header in our box, carried the ball forward, fed Havertz, and he won header in city box. An absolute masterclass. 

Our three attackers. The goal was wonderful combination from our three attackers. Mount with wonderful through ball, werner with dummy/channel run to create space and Havertz with the goal. More importantly defensively all three worked really hard and help us defensively. 



Shut out to @axman2526 friend, he almost win big, Werner had 3 excellent chances. 





Yeah he has congratulated me and is happy we won, did not want City winning it. 

He probably would have not been offered any odds at all on a hat trick of Werner misses to be fair lol.

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