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Aston Villa v Chelsea (PL) Sun 23rd May 2021 16:00 GMT


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Brain dead from azpi but it's a further example of how pathetic this sport is now that something like that is a red card.

And it'll probably carry a violent conduct charge with it 

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1 minute ago, Sindre said:

12 attempts in the second half alone. Double digits in first half as well.

I'm sure several will find plenty to critizice the manager for though.

The formation needs to go though. Not a fan.

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1 hour ago, Gol15 said:

It looks dire at half time so here's a joke:

Once upon a time a kid found a magical goldfish that said to him that it will fulfill any wish he wants...

The kid said:"I want to have a powerful pet dragon!"

The magical goldfish answered: "Please child wish for something more realistic..."

The kid responded with a new idea: "OK then, I want to be the biggest c**t of a footballer ever just like Jack Grealish!"

The magical goldfish thought for a second and then said: "Impossible, what color would you like your dragon?"


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1 minute ago, RIP Mourinho said:

I’m sorry but Azpi isn’t captain material at all. 

We've known that for years. Down to lack of options. Should be Silva whenever he's on the field.

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Of course Grealish would milk it. Why wouldn't you as the ref will do nothing otherwise. 

The 2 captains letting the side down today. Should really know better. Can't remember the last time Jorginho played well in all honesty. 

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