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Spuds v Chelsea (PL) Sun 19th Sep KO 16:30 BST


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Football is 90mins, for 45 we were ineffective then decisive action by Thomas does the trick

Kante changed everything suddenly we swamped them, Jorgi was pointing and Kova turned up too

Thiagoal got us started and his defensive display in the first half was outstanding

Good of Spuds to build us  a new three point lane

Six away London derby wins on the trot...London is Blue





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1 minute ago, jt61 said:

Poor Harry.He probably can't wait to get out of there.

His own stupid fault for signing that long contract. Anybody with a brain knows his best chance of success was the Champions League final, they haven't been the same team since. He should have been looking to move after that loss.

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2 hours ago, axman2526 said:

Ladies and gentlemen, we are not being smiled upon today. 

We have lost our only none replaceable player ahead of facing Spurs, City and Juve in key games, and West ham messed up a last second pen against united.

We ain't winning today, probably losing, things are not turning out well for us at all.

OK, you're as horrible at predictions as I am :biggrin: and I love you for it!

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Some of the reactions in here at half time were bizarre. Look at the depth we have in this squad, we have an amazing team, the best defense in Europe, a quality midfield, a clinical striker. We will go the distance this season. 

Special mention to Thiago Silva, 10/10 performance defensively and to score a goal away at spurs further cements his legacy. The best club in all the land







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I think Tottenham deserve some credit. Half their starting XI was obviously injured if we judge by all the rolling around they did in the first half.

That second half was spectacular, we blew them away. It says a lot that even after that mess of a first half, by the end 3-0 was almost flattering for Tottenham.

I think that Kanté lad might be going places...

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I can inform everyone that Italian bars - no matter how they advertise themselves as showing EPL matches - only show Italian matches. I've seen Tammy in the pooring rain gesturing like prime Jorginho, but not a minute of Chelse. 

Oh well. 

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