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Liverpool v Chelsea (PL) Sat 28th Aug 2021 17:30 GMT


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Decent result but we should have been out of sight before all the drama. Lukaku (twice) and Mount all had situations where they could have easily played Havertz in for a 1 on 1 with the keeper but fecked it up.  We need to be more ruthless. 

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Every player is f**king hero today. Credit to Tuchel as well for getting the team organised and calming them down at the break.

Loved how Klopp was left moaning about a f**king throw in injury time. Played more than a half with a man advantage from a sham red card and still couldn't beat us. 

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We are definitely winning the f**king league after that. Everyone in a blue shirt was a hero.

f**k the lot of them, we are the Champions of Europe, and sh*tbag Liverpool can't even get a win after being gifted a goal and playing more than half the match against ten men.

They can all go f**k themselves the bunch of c**ts - up the Chels, best team in the f**king world.

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Just now, Faisal said:

This team is really special any other Chelsea team and we would have easily lost at anfield. Proud of everyone of them.

Thiago, Christensen, Rudiger with Azpi were immense today.. I think Thiago too showed his class in the middle of the 3.. if anything we had the better chances in the second half apart from the salah effort.. have to say we really did well to get Tuchel.. the team trusts him and this will give us soo much confidence... we have always been the otherside of such results the 2-2 with arsenal and UCL with PSG comes to mind..

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A few thoughts before I go to the pub for a few beers. Watched the second-half as couldn't listen to anymore of the sh*te from the commentators. Great defensive performance in the second-half and Mendy made some great saves. 

Great goal by Havertz and thought the red card was harsh. Would be nice to have nine points after three games but happy with seven points.  Popcorn teeth (Klopp) was having a moan at the end about Dave. No doubt he'll find other stuff to moan about. He's a miserable scrote.

Just need Rangers to beat Celtic tomorrow.

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4 minutes ago, Scott Harris said:

It's frustrating. As much as Mourinho sounded like a sore loser at times, he was the only one that would stick up for us publicly. If Liverpool can get refs swapped, then I don't see why we can't. Anthony Taylor shouldn't be near another Chelsea game again.

I agree. That was one of Jose finer moments that sticks with me. Not that managers probably care but it also buys them a lot of goodwill with fans. If we see them being frustrated by the same things as us and calling it out, it elevates their standing within the fan base IMO. 

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Heroes to a one

f**k you Taylor and Klopp

The back three were magnificent, Jose would have been proud of our defending

Kovacic carried the ball well in the second half just a pity he was the one to get the chance

Alonso although defensively weak is a very important attacking outlet 

We look a well drilled side now and confident in our own ability

This side will go far, if we had taken our chance before the penalty the game would have been won

Tuchel and his coaching team deserve praise for their half time talk

I think it is now about time we spoke out about Taylor and his decisions over the years against us

How did Fabinho avoid a card?

Happy Birthday Dave and congrats on your 300th appearance , my MoM 






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